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How To Start A Streaming Service Like Netflix [2021 Guide]

Learn how to create a streaming service like Netflix. Explore how to start streaming service with unique features.

The creation of a streaming service doesn’t end with development.


The process comprises of 9 main steps and a number of sub-steps:
Finding a niche and USP - You shouldn’t think about how to create a streaming service like Netflix; think about how to start a streaming service with unique features instead. Only this way your solution will have any chance for success.


Creating a business plan - You can’t decide how to start a streaming service without having a strict business plan that will guide all your actions.


Content licensing - Another significant part of preparation is making the business legal Aside from legal registration, content licensing is also an inseparable part of video streaming services creation.


Finding a reliable app development company - Find app development companies on such platforms as Clutch, The Manifest, etc. Check the reviews of shortlisted companies.


Deciding on the video streaming app’s functionality - The number of features you decide to implement directly influences the complexity of mobile app development and development cost.


UX/UI design creation - Create a unique style that will make your app different from the competitive applications.


Choosing technologies - Understand which technologies go into the creation of such an application. Building a streaming service with the right technologies is required for its proper functionality.


Marketing and promotion - Marketing and promotion should become integral parts of your strategy. Without a comprehensive marketing strategy, no one will know about your application.


Feedback gathering and planning for growth - After the first version of your app is released, gather feedback from first users. This feedback will help you plan for further versions of your application.


As you can see, the creation of such an app is a complex process with a number of steps that should be followed.

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